a film by Isabelle Tollenaere

2015 - 1:1,85 - Color - 90 min

Michigan Films, Witfilm (NL)

Sony F3 / SLog + Zeiss Superspeed

Color grading by Veerle Zeelmaekers



- 'Battles' is a unique visual essay that blends elements of fiction with a more traditionally structural documentary style. Each chapter builds upon the last without being prescriptive. The ambiguity, universality and performative elements lend the film a powerful, lasting affect. Tollenaere's original examination of the traces of war and persistence of the past create a striking imaginary landscape. With its piercing sound design and impressive cinematography, the film offers a fresh perspective on the naturalisation of the culture of war. A strong debut, Tollenaere's well-crafted mise-en-scene displays a clear talent for cinematic language and she definitely has a bright future. -